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Easy, peasy convenience. 
Biodegradable & fully compostable.
Hand bagged, full leaf teas crafted just for you…

hand-packaged with love…


Tea bags offer much convenience and are ready to just pop in a cup, fill with water, and go! 

From hotel room amenities to table-side tea service to corporate events & gifting - packaged tea bags are an easy way to serve tea while still giving your customers an elevated experience.  

These hand-crafted tea bags add another layer of thoughtfulness to your service and customer experience.

PRO TIP: Enhance the experience for your guests with a little “guerilla” marketing by adding your logo to each tea bag! 

Fully compostable and biodegradable from external packaging, to the tea bag and tea contents! 

no packaging, just…


Our UNpackaged bulk tea bags offer the same convenience of our packaged tea bags, but without the extra packaging!  

Due to the hand-packaged quality of our products, packaging our tea bags further adds additional time and labor.  By taking out these additional steps, we are able to offer tea bags plain and simple & at a reduced cost!

PRO TIP: Since these tea bags are not packaged, they are best housed in a tin or container to help preserve freshness.  

These compostable tea bags come folded and can further  be twisted and tied off at the top or secured under a lid of a to-go cup.

Fully compostable and biodegradable from external packaging, to the tea bag and tea contents! 

our ethos & responsibility


Made in Germany, these tea bags are made from a natural Manila, unbleached hemp using a gluten free & food safe adhesive, making these tea bags completely biodegradable and compostable.  

No microplastics, no additives or unsavory chemicals makes for a pure and unadulterated cup of tea (as well as great compost!)

Our tea bags offer a nice wide “net” for the tea to breathe & expand in the water - offering your guests their most flavorful cup.

PRO TIP: It is not just our tea bags that are eco-friendly!  The materials we use for our packaged teabags are also fully compostable and biodegradable.



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